news in a flash

wow. look how long i’ve been absent from writing on this blog. everytime i promise myself to be more diligent, i fell behind and ignore it longer than i’d like.

to be fair a lot has been going on since i last wrote. (yeah yeah i keep saying that). here are some in no particular order:

– we went back to my parents’ house halfway across the world. i went back ahead with the kids and my sister so we could stay for a month before my husband came to join us. it was fun. i got to meet friends, eat all the food i craved for and etc. the going back home is kind of a drag. we touched down in jacksonville airport and immediately checked into a hotel near the airport and slept for 12 hours straight.

– i actually joined my husband prior to him coming to indo on a liveaboard trip to similan islands in thailand. i took that chance to get my diving license. overall it was a great experience. the boat was newly renovated. the crews, local and the diving masters, were fantastic and friendly. the food on board were .. how can i say this .. deliciously homey! at least to me. i ate quite a lot on board. funnily enough there was a virus outbreak in the boat, and several people got sick. husband got sick after we got off the boat (we got off 2pm, he got sick, like, immediately after dinner that day). he spent the next day dry heaving and retching. thankfully i didn’t get any. i spent that day walking around and finding good (and cheap) local food vendor to eat. delicious. i love thai food. and durian. i ate a lot of durian that day.

– olivia starts talking already. by talking i didn’t mean words but (somewhat) complete sentences. her favorites so far:

“mama.. i faww dawwnn… i faw dawnn mama..” (i fall down, mama)

“mommy, whes papwik?” (mommy, where’s patrick?)

“O do, et in!” (open the door, let me in)

“come oon.. i sho yu samp ping..” (come on, i show you something)

– the yard is completely covered with leaves right now. we didn’t have the energy to gather the leaves. the trees are still not completely bald yet, so we decided to wait until all the leaves are down.

– after almost 3 weeks being back i still haven’t unpack the suitcases yet. they’re sitting in the junk room formal dining room but i just can’t bring myself to do it. too lazy!

– i started exercising regularly. surprise! i’ve been feeling a bit overweight for the past few months and wanted to lose weight but kept putting it off until we get back. so far i’ve been doing wii fit and a bit of jogging every now and then. not bad. i actually like it. let’s see how long i can keep this up. my short goal is to lose 10lbs (more or less) in 3 months. i was interested in buying a wii zumba but after casual consideration i decided to buy wrist weights instead.

– speaking of jogging / running, it seems like now running is a trendy thing to do. everybody’s doing it. like rollerblading in the 80s (or was it 70s?) i don’t run very well, and i don’t call myself a runner. i, however, am a good walker. i can walk for miles and miles with the right song compilations on my ipod. 

i’ll post some photos the minute i can be bothered long enough to move them from my phone to my laptop. knowing me, it could be months before i eventually do that. LOL.



It aint always sweet roses in here.

1. My living room has been smelling rotten for the past couple days. I knew it has something to do with the birds that lived in the chimney but I couldnt find any dead bird in the fireplace. Well, roday I found it. A dead babybird
Fell down with half its nest. Poor thing.

2. Olivia fell down the bed between the bedside table, and is now sporting a bruised bump on her forehead and light  scratches on her face. A lot of crying was involved.

3. Patrick fell down when he was climbing up into the car. No bruises or scratches. A lot of crying was involved.

4. Got into an argument with patrick because he asked for bread eventhough when I gave him some earlier he refused it. (Said bread is now resting peacefully in olivia’s belly). So I refused to give patrick any more bread. He didnt like that.

By this time I looked at the time and.. guess what. It’s not even 11am yet. Whoever said parenting is easy obviously does not have any kids.




what’s been happening (a summary in pictures).

because a picture is worth a thousand words. and because i’m lazy like that.

warning: it’s long.

20130519_133937 ^^^eating at a vietnamese restaurant at jacksonville. she was extra cute that day.^^^

20130523_143900 ^^^bored at walmart…^^^

20130523_144112 ^^^meet baby monica, my niece. my brother in law and his family came on an impromptu visit to our house. olivia loved having a(nother) baby in the house)^^^

20130523_151150 ^^^uncle roy found a land turtle at a busy intersection downtown so he brought it home. patrick didn’t know what to do with it. haha. later we set it lose near the neighbor’s pond. ^^^

20130526_165809 ^^^oh hey, we bought a sandbox. pretty awesome.. patrick also got a tire swing. he’s still too small for it though.^^^

20130527_122958 ^^^he thought it funny to get his butt stuck in the basket. that is until he couldn’t get out.. haha^^^

20130529_130840 ^^^we went to chicago for a week to see my sister. they absolutely love the airport^^^

20130529_175515 ^^^while waiting for my sister to pick us up at the airport, they play at this slope. they actually had a pretty good time. don’t ask me about how dirty they got.

20130604_103944 ^^^taking my sister’s two dogs for a swim.^^^

20130530_141231^^^at brookfield zoo.^^^

20130602_201901(0)^^^my sister with the kids, at woori village. korean bbq is the best!^^^

20130530_145003 ^^^brookfield zoo. he suddenly wanted to take pictures with the lion..^^^

20130530_152328 ^^^this happened at every aquarium we visited. this particular one was shedd aquarium..^^^

20130531_144314 ^^^hello, sue (field museum)^^^

20130531_145454 ^^^saying hi to the birds in the exhibit…. -_-^^^

20130531_164126 ^^^chicago city line^^^

20130531_185317 ^^^we ate at the famous Gino’s East pizza. Deep dish pizza at its best. while i love their pizza, i’m not digging its interior. it felt like being surrounded by birdpoop… 😦 ^^^

20130602_124930 ^^^downtown chicago, at an indonesian restaurant called rickshaw republic. overpriced food, but they have the cutest window display while we were there.. lol. an elderly couple even stopped for a playful communication with olivia..^^^

20130602_140143 ^^^what not to love about chicken bones? right?^^^

20130602_174740^^^being in a big city means we can find a lot of playground and parks. afterall, a girl gotta have her swing time..^^^

20130603_171131^^^warren dunes. it was a bit too chilly to swim, but otherwise the weather was perfect for playing with the sand. this one doesn’t like to get his hands (and feet) dirty, but dry sand is ok for him.^^^

20130608_193413^^^an example of a typical night playtime at my house. in this one he was pretending that a giant baby with a green head chased him and he had to escaped by riding a horsie. i wonder where he got that storyline..?^^^


^^^pigtails. momma is excited!^^^

20130614_093447^^^we don’t do this very often (too many dishes to wash for a breakfast item). but he loves helping me with the colors.^^^

20130512_180813^^^oh hey we bought a kiddie pool. the kids lurrrveee it, especially when they can just jump in it, naked. haha!^^^

The neighborhood

The perk of living out in the country. I may not live near malls or main street where all the shops and cool place to hang out are. But I get to see this everyday.







The past few weeks I’ve seen a lot of wild turkeys, rabbits, turtles crossing the street, squirrels in my backyard, deer behind the trees, geese, and etc.not to mention the variety of birds in my backyard.

Good days are spent playing ouside, whether just a picnic eating fruits and snacks while sitting on the grass, fishing, racing along the driveway, and do some gardening. Life is treating us good.

Don’t be a bully.

I don’t usually show my support on any good cause simply because i don’t care enough (yeah, i’m shallow like that). but lately i’ve been worrying about bullying. Mainly because I worry that my kids might (someday) be bullied, but also because the news about bullying victims usually ends with grief. On early April, for example, Rehtaeh Parsons died because she hanged herself after she was sexually assaulted and then bullied by her classmates.

Why are kids so mean to each other? I don’t know. What I know is that during my darkest time in high school, I wouldn’t have survived without my friends. No, I wasn’t bullied, thank God. But if I was, I know I would love to have friends who’d stand by and with me through it all.

Stop bullying, guys. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s stupid. It’s mean. And it’s heartbreaking. And it kills. Stop.

And if you see someone being bullied, or simply ignored.. please, tell them this: we care. you are loved. and don’t give up. you have more friends than you know.


yesterday i had to spend close to 30 minutes outside in the hot weather to clean up the truck and install the kids’ carseats. we were going out for lunch and it was already past 1pm so i was in a hurry. after I finished I went inside to clean up before we go, and noticed some lines on my furrows. being the dramatic person I am, i yelled to my husband, who was inside the bathroom with me, “Ohh NOOOO! lines on my forehead!! I’m old!!” 

Patrick heard me and came inside the bathroom asking “what happen, mamma? what happen?”

“I have lines on my forehead, Patrick. Mommy’s old…..” I said, making sad faces. 

He just looked at me. 

“Ooh.. mommy’s old. Are you old, mommy?”

“Yes I am, Patrick..” I was trying to still be dramatic to gain sympathy.

“Is Daddy old, Patrick?” asked my (amused) husband.

“You’re not old, daddy… (pointing to my husband). You’re NEW.”

Ha! Hahahahhahahhaa!

My husband was very pleased with that statement. And I? Well he made me laughed hard, so I guess I can live with that.