On my thoughts

3. I suddenly want a terrarium. Or make a fairy garden. Only problem: i have black thumbs and tend to kill any indoor plants i have by either forgetting to water them or overwatering. 

12. I want to make a doll but too lazy to clean up my sewing room slash dining room from the previous project (a red riding hood.. It was a huge success). 

1. With the doll i suddenly have the urge to  make dolls and give to some kids whose parents might not be able to afford christmas this year. So far i’ve been able to just sit onthe idea since i havent actually made any doll yet and have no idea how hard it’ll be. But maybe i shouldnt ignore this one. 

6. I lost 8lbs in 3months since starting the provate lesson with a PT. yay! 10 more lbs!!! Now dont let me get back to my old lazy ways!!! 

3. I hate my cat. She’s been peeing everywhere lately as result from her UTI.. And there are times i feel like i wanna get rid of her. But i cant. But i hate cleaning up after her mess!! Urghhhh!! What to doooo? 

18. Taught mg first ever sunday school. Great. Except that i finished early.. Like in 10 minutes, and then had no clue what to do next so i just let them play ball in the nursery room. Oops? ๐Ÿ˜†

Most importantly: i realized today that i am SO blessed. Thank you Lord. 


Happy Our Day

To all moms out there, who:

Are celebrating for the first time

Have been doing this for the 2nd, 3rd or tenth times

Are a single parent to their young ones

Are struggling to have kids

Have, or are going to, or are thinking of adopting

Have lost a son, or daughter or more

Haven’t slept more than 6-7 hours a night

Are working, be it full time, part time, one job, two jobs

Are staying home

Are skinny and fit and built like a rock

Have jiggly belly, wobbly arms or are slightly overweight 

Don’t have their own but are raising someone else’s 

Are you. Yes you. Happy our day. May we all strive to be the best that we can, despite our worries and fears. 

And let us learn to say :

I’m awesome! Just like my mom. 

P.s: i know i should’ve post pictures of my mom, or my kids and I… But dang it, it’s my day and i can post whatever i want. And i think i look pretty good.  ๐Ÿ˜˜


everytime i see a skinny person (mostly young girls) i secretly wish they’d get fat after they have kids. 

The struggle to lose weight feels very real to me. No matter how much i try, i just can’t seem to lose any. Recently i’ve taken up jogging again. It’s a fun exercise but i know i get bored easily, so in addition i bought 2 more exercise dvds. Hope that’ll help. Maybe i should change my perspective from “lose weight” to “get fit”.. 

Patrick was sick the other day, suddenly throwing up all night and all morning long. So i kept him home, and even though he was ok by night time, he still didn’t feel like going to school the next day. Being raised by a strict mother, i don’t believe in skipping school. The only time i was allowed to skip school was if i’m dead or bedridden. ๐Ÿ˜‚

But i’m not my mom, so i allowed him to stay home under one condition: no gadgets. Meaning no watching ipads, laptops, or playing with my phones. Ha! He didn’t like that at all. But we had fun outside. 

   Found a pretty grey rat snake on my back porch. It’s amazing how i’ve develop for the past 5 years. First time i came head to head with a snake i screamed and ran as fast as i could. But it was a big rattlesnake and it was pissed off already because max, my dog, stole its dinner. ๐Ÿ˜‚ then my husband and i tried to run it over with his truck. Oh that poor snake. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Look what i got for mother’s day! Patrick made it for me in class. Love it! He got almost all of the questions right. lol. 


The Butterfly Kid

I watched it. I cringed. I cried. I felt sorry. And yet grateful for what God has given me.

As a mom I complain a lot. Messy house. Clothes on the floor. No time to do “my” thing. Fighting kids. (Seemingly) uncaring husband. Cat peed on the damn carpet again. Oh, I am aware of how blessed I am, but sometimes that doesn’t stop me from complaining.

Watching this video made me feel ashamed. My struggle is NOTHING compared to Jonathan’s. And to think he’s only 14.

I don’t know. I can be a bitch, sometimes. It also makes me sad as I can’t imagine being in his condition. Or his mom’s. I don’t know how she coped without breaking down. May God gives them the strength and courage they deserved, and gives him healing in His perfect time.

snap and shot

It was a beautiful day so I took the camera out and tried to take some pictures. Of course, the sun was too bright (hence the harsh lighting) and I don’t have any diffuser or fancy camera. The ‘models’ weren’t too cooperative, too. Olivia was cranky, thanks to the heat and gnats. Max was in worse condition with the gnats, so all he wanted to do was lay down and take a nap. Brady was really the only one with a good mood but he’s never been known for standing/sitting still for pictures. The picture I got of him was merely a lucky shot.




new year, new hopes

Hello! No, please, don’t ask me where I’ve been. I’ve been here observing life quietly, too lazy to blog. Right now it’s easier to post my thoughts on facebook, instagram and path. I just feel like I can’t get enough concentration to gather my scattered thoughts and sit down more than 5 minutes to write them. (I do, however, sit down long enough to procrastinate on pinterest. go figure. :D)

Hmm.. see, I get distracted again. My kid is sitting next to me giving me small kisses on my arm and cheek. Maybe I’ll be better off after summer, when all the kids go to school (Patrick will be in kindergarten and Olivia will be going to a preschool program 3x a week), and will be busy with their after school activities (taekwando for Patrick, and maybe gymnastic for Olivia?). After all, a mom can hope, right? lol.

Lunch box


First time I prepare a lunch box for Patrick. Not so sure what to give him because I think what the school provided him is pretty decent, but i can’t monitor what he’s eating (or not). This way at least I know what he eats. (I predict he will finish off the pretzels and grapes, and nibble some of the pork buns and some of the lumpia and completely leave the carrots untouched. Ha!)