On Life.

My brother in law and mother in law left to go back to their homes this morning. The kids and I also went outside to bid them goodbyes, and then to have a brunch picnic outside afterwards because the weather was so nice. After that we went back inside and immediately I felt a little bit sad. The house felt so empty and quiet. It looked sad. 

When she was here my mother in law several times asked me if I missed living in a big city. Every time I would answer without hesitation that I don’t. I really don’t. Yes, I do miss the food and I miss the convenience of living so near to everything, but I do love living so far away from the crowd. It’s nice to be able to hear nothing but birds and wind, and the occasional train and airplanes. It’s nice not to have neighbors right outside your door. And very relaxing not to have to close your curtains every time it gets dark outside for fear of people seeing the inside of your house. I know my mother doesn’t get this (haha) but I guess I’m not your average big city girl. 

Today (and the time when my parents and sister went home after a visit) brought a new realization that I do miss something: having company. I miss having my friends close by that I can talk to for hours while strolling the mall. I miss having conversations with an adult other than my husband, who doesn’t really talk much. Heck, I also miss getting to shop in peace, and not have bored kids (or hubby) to wait on me while I try on clothes. Mostly, I miss my girlfriends back in Jakarta (you know who you are, gals!). I miss talking about nonsense with them because gossiping in English is so tiring. Lol. 

Oh well, no use regretting what you don’t have. Better spend my time gushing over what I do  (and will) have. Thanks to my brother in law’s help this house is becoming more homey than before. I’m really interested in seeing how this house evolve to becoming my dream house. And if anyone asks if I ever want to have my old life back, or if I want to go back living in big cities again, I’d say no. I’m happy where I am now, I won’t trade it for anything else. I’m happy. A little bit lonely at times, but happy nonetheless.