Convo with patrick

Patrick, pointing to the floor: “mamma.. You sleep here mama..”

I laid down but then i got busy playing with olivia who got interested with my hair. Patrick, who was laying down beside me, got up and said rather sternly: “nyanya! You lay down and sleep! be quiet!”

Exactly the same words i used on him when i want him to sleep. Hoahakahakhahhaha.


i love them babies

IMG_2300 IMG_2308 ^^ patrick is teaching olivia how to “hold the ball”. i love to see how patient he is sometimes with her. ^^IMG_2311 IMG_2335

^^^ makeshift sandbox. it’d been raining for days and he got bored. ^^^

IMG_2341 IMG_2353 IMG_2358 IMG_2361 IMG_2369

heart broken

lately patrick wouldn’t let me carry him out of the bath tub after bathtime. he wants his dad to do that. so i asked him why.

patrick: “i want dadda..”

me: “why? dadda is busy right now. how bout mommy?”

patrick: “NO!”

this could go on for several minutes until he feels cold. And then he would relent and let me wrap him in towel.

me: “why don’t you let mommy carry you? don’t you like mommy?”

patrick: “no.”

*audible gasp from me*

me: “why??”

patrick: “nyanya too busy..”

my heart broke.

me: “you mean i’m always busy to play with you?”

patrick: “yessssss..”

my heart just shattered into pieces. he did, however, ended the conversation with a happy note, giving me kisses and a big hug (he likes that barney song ‘i love you you love me we are happy family’). but i’m still speechless. i vowed there and then to give him more time and be more patient with him. it’s hard, but i’m going to do it. for my boy’s sake.