On my thoughts

3. I suddenly want a terrarium. Or make a fairy garden. Only problem: i have black thumbs and tend to kill any indoor plants i have by either forgetting to water them or overwatering. 

12. I want to make a doll but too lazy to clean up my sewing room slash dining room from the previous project (a red riding hood.. It was a huge success). 

1. With the doll i suddenly have the urge to  make dolls and give to some kids whose parents might not be able to afford christmas this year. So far i’ve been able to just sit onthe idea since i havent actually made any doll yet and have no idea how hard it’ll be. But maybe i shouldnt ignore this one. 

6. I lost 8lbs in 3months since starting the provate lesson with a PT. yay! 10 more lbs!!! Now dont let me get back to my old lazy ways!!! 

3. I hate my cat. She’s been peeing everywhere lately as result from her UTI.. And there are times i feel like i wanna get rid of her. But i cant. But i hate cleaning up after her mess!! Urghhhh!! What to doooo? 

18. Taught mg first ever sunday school. Great. Except that i finished early.. Like in 10 minutes, and then had no clue what to do next so i just let them play ball in the nursery room. Oops? 😆

Most importantly: i realized today that i am SO blessed. Thank you Lord. 


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