everytime i see a skinny person (mostly young girls) i secretly wish they’d get fat after they have kids. 

The struggle to lose weight feels very real to me. No matter how much i try, i just can’t seem to lose any. Recently i’ve taken up jogging again. It’s a fun exercise but i know i get bored easily, so in addition i bought 2 more exercise dvds. Hope that’ll help. Maybe i should change my perspective from “lose weight” to “get fit”.. 

Patrick was sick the other day, suddenly throwing up all night and all morning long. So i kept him home, and even though he was ok by night time, he still didn’t feel like going to school the next day. Being raised by a strict mother, i don’t believe in skipping school. The only time i was allowed to skip school was if i’m dead or bedridden. 😂

But i’m not my mom, so i allowed him to stay home under one condition: no gadgets. Meaning no watching ipads, laptops, or playing with my phones. Ha! He didn’t like that at all. But we had fun outside. 

   Found a pretty grey rat snake on my back porch. It’s amazing how i’ve develop for the past 5 years. First time i came head to head with a snake i screamed and ran as fast as i could. But it was a big rattlesnake and it was pissed off already because max, my dog, stole its dinner. 😂 then my husband and i tried to run it over with his truck. Oh that poor snake. 😂

Look what i got for mother’s day! Patrick made it for me in class. Love it! He got almost all of the questions right. lol. 



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