new year, new hopes

Hello! No, please, don’t ask me where I’ve been. I’ve been here observing life quietly, too lazy to blog. Right now it’s easier to post my thoughts on facebook, instagram and path. I just feel like I can’t get enough concentration to gather my scattered thoughts and sit down more than 5 minutes to write them. (I do, however, sit down long enough to procrastinate on pinterest. go figure. :D)

Hmm.. see, I get distracted again. My kid is sitting next to me giving me small kisses on my arm and cheek. Maybe I’ll be better off after summer, when all the kids go to school (Patrick will be in kindergarten and Olivia will be going to a preschool program 3x a week), and will be busy with their after school activities (taekwando for Patrick, and maybe gymnastic for Olivia?). After all, a mom can hope, right? lol.


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