It aint always sweet roses in here.

1. My living room has been smelling rotten for the past couple days. I knew it has something to do with the birds that lived in the chimney but I couldnt find any dead bird in the fireplace. Well, roday I found it. A dead babybird
Fell down with half its nest. Poor thing.

2. Olivia fell down the bed between the bedside table, and is now sporting a bruised bump on her forehead and light  scratches on her face. A lot of crying was involved.

3. Patrick fell down when he was climbing up into the car. No bruises or scratches. A lot of crying was involved.

4. Got into an argument with patrick because he asked for bread eventhough when I gave him some earlier he refused it. (Said bread is now resting peacefully in olivia’s belly). So I refused to give patrick any more bread. He didnt like that.

By this time I looked at the time and.. guess what. It’s not even 11am yet. Whoever said parenting is easy obviously does not have any kids.




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