Don’t be a bully.

I don’t usually show my support on any good cause simply because i don’t care enough (yeah, i’m shallow like that). but lately i’ve been worrying about bullying. Mainly because I worry that my kids might (someday) be bullied, but also because the news about bullying victims usually ends with grief. On early April, for example, Rehtaeh Parsons died because she hanged herself after she was sexually assaulted and then bullied by her classmates.

Why are kids so mean to each other? I don’t know. What I know is that during my darkest time in high school, I wouldn’t have survived without my friends. No, I wasn’t bullied, thank God. But if I was, I know I would love to have friends who’d stand by and with me through it all.

Stop bullying, guys. It’s not funny. It’s not cool. It’s stupid. It’s mean. And it’s heartbreaking. And it kills. Stop.

And if you see someone being bullied, or simply ignored.. please, tell them this: we care. you are loved. and don’t give up. you have more friends than you know.


4 thoughts on “Don’t be a bully.

  1. 1. Supporting the cause! I was sort of a bully in school 😦 Sometimes kids harass other kids just because they think it’s fun to do and it’s fun to watch other kids cry (why). For me it was peer pressure and also I was born a prankster or something. Of course it’s not right, and I apologize to all the other kids I bullied 😦
    2. I need to catch up on Glee badly, I’m 6 episodes behind. I don’t really care for the new McKinley characters and their love triangles, but sure they all can sing and they’re nice to look at…

    • glee skrg ceritanya standard banget. gw cuma krn skrg susah nonton yg serius2 ato butuh attention, jadinya nonton ini. itupun gw rekam, trus gw nonton kl lagi masak ato gak ada tontonan laen. hahahha. gw skrg lebih nonton smash… lagunya original dan enak2.

      • Glee itu enaknya di marathon. Kalo 1-1 nanggung. Jadinya malah kesel nontonnya (ini apa sih, cerita kaga penting…) Smash? Wah thank you for the recommendation, nanti gue donlot dulu dah!

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