yesterday i had to spend close to 30 minutes outside in the hot weather to clean up the truck and install the kids’ carseats. we were going out for lunch and it was already past 1pm so i was in a hurry. after I finished I went inside to clean up before we go, and noticed some lines on my furrows. being the dramatic person I am, i yelled to my husband, who was inside the bathroom with me, “Ohh NOOOO! lines on my forehead!! I’m old!!” 

Patrick heard me and came inside the bathroom asking “what happen, mamma? what happen?”

“I have lines on my forehead, Patrick. Mommy’s old…..” I said, making sad faces. 

He just looked at me. 

“Ooh.. mommy’s old. Are you old, mommy?”

“Yes I am, Patrick..” I was trying to still be dramatic to gain sympathy.

“Is Daddy old, Patrick?” asked my (amused) husband.

“You’re not old, daddy… (pointing to my husband). You’re NEW.”

Ha! Hahahahhahahhaa!

My husband was very pleased with that statement. And I? Well he made me laughed hard, so I guess I can live with that. 

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