We had a party for my boy’s birth day. It beautifully fell on a Sunday and uncle Dave and grandma came all the way from Kentucky and Tennessee, so uncle Steve and his family drove all the way from Tallahassee to join the fun. We even had a surprise visit from Jeremy, Steve’s son who’s a rockstar from the band MayDay Parade, and we haven’t seen much of him. Heck, this is even my first time ever meeting him in person, so it was cool. I’ve never have a rockstar in a family before. Maybe I should’ve taken a picture with him and posted it in my instagram. 😀 

It was a super great day, in my opinion. I cooked prime rib roast, mashed potato, roast asparagus, and a pot of thai seafood curry for Faith. Nothing beats a gathering when it has great food, and thankfully they all seemed to like the food. Then chocolate cake was the choice (only choice) of dessert. Nothing could be wrong when chocolate cake is served, me thinks. The only downside of the evening is that it had to end. 


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