My mother in law and brother in law are visiting from out of town. Mainly they came for Patrick’s birthday but uncle Dave also came to help my husband do things in the house (i LOVE what they did to my closet!!) Also because we bought Patrick a huge playground set for his birthday, and husband needs help putting them together. 

Yesterday I’ve promised my mother in law I would take her to see the antique stores down town. But when we were about to leave today my husband suddenly got worried and decided to come along. Apparently he was worried I might buy something (furniture) he doesn’t approve. LOL LOL!!

Thank God for uncle Dave though. He didn’t like the smell of the antique store, so he took the kids to sit and enjoy the gorgeous weather eating munchies. Neither of them protested that mommy, daddy and grandma took a long time in that store. LOL. 



^^^she hasn’t mastered the art of self feeding yet. She can put the munchies in, but not quite all the way in. 😀


At one of the antique stores I found a toy cube I’ve been looking for, only smaller and cuter, and only $16. And then hubby found a bell… an old school bell. I love it so much. I plan to put it on the playground. Maybe it’ll sound nice coming from the pasture. 

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