My baby boy turns 3!

How did that happen? I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I gave birth to him. I still remember him being the cutest baby in the block. I can never wish for a better behaved baby/boy.  I’ve loved every minute I spent with him, and I can’t wait for the next many years to come. Don’t grow up too fast, boy..  Wish you many years of happiness, joy and laughter dear boy. We love you lots!

#Warning, this is a long post of a lot of pictures.





SAM_2340 SAM_1197 SAM_1202 SAM_1090 Patrickinsink1 SAM_0794 SAM_0860



IMG_2626 IMG_2594 IMG_2406 IMG_2390 IMG_1711 IMG_1720 IMG_1727 IMG_1786 IMG_1832 IMG_1841 IMG_1911 IMG_1944 IMG_1960 IMG_2006 IMG_2140

patrick handsome

^^^looking back: march 3rd, 2010 – march 3rd, 2013

Grandma and uncle Dave are here, and uncle Steve and his family are coming later today, so we’re having a party and I need to get things ready. That is if we can get warm enough. The heater broke and it’s a freezing 36F outside. Right now we’re relying on the fireplace to keep us warm. 🙂

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