Airplanes and airport

Every time we go to Valdosta we go past the airport. Patrick likes looking at the airplanes so we usually drive around the airport so he can see all the planes there are. The airport is not big but it has 2 big ex-WWII airplanes and some small colorful private airplanes, so it’s pretty exciting for Patrick. If he’s lucky he can see an airplane taking off. 

Today my husband was in a hurry, and we didn’t really go out of town. We were just heading to walmart, but on the way Patrick saw the big airplane from far away, and he asked to see them. So hubby obliged. After seeing the 2 ex-WWII airplanes, however, hubby thought it was enough and skipped the rest of the airport. As we headed back to the highway, we suddenly heard Patrick sternly told my husband off. 

“HEY! I wanna see airplanes! I wanna see yellow airplanes!!” 

We laughed so hard. I looked back and saw he was sulking and looking so annoyed at my husband, hands crossed at his chest. My husband immediately took a turn and head back to the airport and obligingly took the usual route so Patrick can see ALL the airplanes in the airport.


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