Life in snapshots

Oh gosh yesterday was not a good day for me. Somehow i was so accident prone that by sundown i had already tripped (twice!), bang my head on the table and kitchen cabinets, hit my foot on furnitures, spilled water on my recipe books, almost burnt my dinner, smoked my kitchen, and almost slammed my fingers trying to close the window.

On top of that i had decided on friday morning that we should toilet train patrick. Of course this would have to coincide with olivia being constipated and teething at the same time. So by the end of the day i had a crying butt naked boy and a screaming banshee. Thankfully they calmed down a bit after i turned ugly and threatened both kids with a very long timeout.

The way things are today I’m thankful yesterday was a one-timer. We did have a gorgeous weather though so we spent it by going outisde and sat on the dock by the pond. It’s so nice to have your own pond.

Here’s a few pictures from this week.







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