weekend getaway: florida

after what seems like a long time of waiting we finally went to the manatee snorkel yesterday (err.. last weekend). how was it? it was definitely fun. could’ve been better with fewer people though. it was so crowded that we didn’t get to see the manatees up close (as in hand-stretch away). i did get to see a bunch of them sleeping in their sanctuary (there are closed areas where they can rest without human interruption), and one actually swam right between my legs and hubby’s, but we didn’t see it coming because we were looking the other way. too bad. oh well, maybe we can do it again next time on a week day instead of weekend. definitely a recommended thing to do.

the river itself, crystal river, is a gorgeousssssss place to swim. that place is ahmazing! the water is clear, especially at the springs) and so clean and beautiful. you just wanna spend the rest of the day by the river, hanging out, kayaking, swimming, and doing all sorts of water related things. not a fan of water? don’t worry. the town itself has several parks that you can enjoy free of charge. we found 2 playgrounds that are so good i took a lot of pictures. well, actually one of them is a regular swing slide playground. the other one.. oh my goodness you won’t believe me. i’ll just show you the pictures below.

while we’re at  it we also ate at 2 different seafood restaurant. lo and behold they actually serve the exact same thing. only one is more locally, the other one is more touristy (therefore more pricey). both serve only fried or broiled seafood. BOO! if i had opened a seafood restaurant i would’ve had a full menu of more extensive way of cooking them other than fried or broiled. sometimes i don’t get bule food.. so boring. thank God for asian, mexican, cuban, etc cooking. lol.


^^^i wouldn’t mind a house like this.. :P^^^


^^^nice place for kayaking, boating, swimming, or just hanging out bbq-ing in your backyard, don’t you think?^^^


^^^ooh, hello there!!^^^


^^^this one swam right below our boat^^^



^^^bird watching^^^


^^^fish watching. there were several mullets that keep jumping and shooting out of the water.. ^^^



^^^lunch time^^^


^^^i asked him what he drew. he said “train tracks, mommy. and this is the road. and the car got stuck, and CRASH! KABOOM!”^^^


^^^learnt how to climb the tire steps^^^


^^^also learnt how to climbed this wall…^^^


^^^slide and hi-five^^^





^^^old train they now use as a classroom for some kind of public classes^^^


^^^”he said, ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMAAA…!!”


^^^sleepy girl on a swing^^^


^^^sarah was trying to take a picture of her..^^^


^^^playground on steroids, i call them. not a space wasted.^^^


^^^sharing a meal with a new friend^^^

overall it was a good weekend spent. couldn’t wait to do it again.


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