A sunny 52F day

It was a gorgeous day today, a little bit cold but very sunny and inviting, so we (minus daddy) all went outside to sit on the grass and have a bit of fun. This time ‘fun’ is losely translated as ‘eat as much snacks as you can before taking a nap and play chase and run as far as you can until you feel like taking a nap’.

It’s always nice to have a bit of grass where you can just sit or lie down whenever the sun is out. We didn’t get this as much in arizona where grass is considered a splurge. Here i can sit anywhere i want, the weather.. Oh i love the weather. Not too cold, not too hot (at least not yet.. Heehee).

While we were at the pond patrick pointed to the sky and said “airplane!”. That kid has a knack for spotting airplanes even without the usual cloudline. This airplane, however, was flying in a cloudless sky, high up. It was a tiny speck in the sky. I don’t know how patrick could see it but he did. His love for airplanes is impressive.












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