what we do when daddy’s not looking.

i’m sleep training olivia, which means i don’t have much time during the night to write any posts, as soon as she’s asleep (believe me, that can take awhile) i will be in bed, trying to get as much sleep before she wakes up again. not that much has been happening anyway. life’s pretty dull around here when daddy’s working.

patrick has also started going to a daycare/learning centre 3 times a week now. he’s pretty shy for his age, and since he will be starting pre K soon we want him to interact with other kids as much as he can to get him used to being around kids. first time i dropped him in the daycare he, apparently, cried within 10 minutes of my being gone. the second time, he didn’t cry until he saw me picking him up. haha. maybe the next one (that’ll be next week) we get lucky and he will like being in school. the kids are lovely. they actually shower him with attention.

here’s a few photos to recap last week.


^^^sharing a stick with brady. brady might not be the smartest dog around, but he’s so gentle with babies and kids.. i love him^^^


^^^uh oh someone found a studio “apartment” near the house and was thinking about moving in^^^


^^^patrick took this picture with my iphone^^^


^^^he had runny nose so i told him to bring his boogie wipes when we go outside to play^^^


^^^olivia in 2 years time??? can’t believe how much they look alike.^^^


^^^don’t let the innocent look fools you. i left her to play on her own and 30 minutes later i came back to find the living room in a big mess.^^^


^^^hubby bought me a new fridge. looooove!^^^


^^^watching my fave tv show. apparently the clapping hands sounds interest her more than anything else in the show^^^


^^^i can see a near future where they will be fighting over the use of laptops, iphones and ipads. *sigh*^^^

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