random thoughts

  • jakarta is flooded badly this past few days. scary. i still remember in 2002 and 2007 when it got flooded and i got stucked. thankfully not this time. hopefully all my friends and family are safe. 
  • hubby bought a new fridge the other day. it’s huuge! french door, and the freezer is in the bottom. love it! can’t wait for it to be delivered. 
  • yesterday we went to check out a daycare / learning centre for patrick. i think he’ll like it there. it’s a bit far from my house (on the other side of town), and it costs quite a bit. but it’ll be worth it. i know it will. we met with the teacher (that’s going to be patrick’s teacher), and she explained what they do there. what excites me most: she’s somewhat an expert on potty training. YAY!
  • i’ve paid a sleep consultant to help me come up with plans to sleep train Olivia. it’s been a few weeks (a month? more?) that they gave me the plan, but honestly, I’m too scared to try. Olivia doesn’t scare me, but knowing how tired I’ll be during the (next) day is what I fear the most. maybe I should try it when hubby’s not working, so he can help me entertain and take care of Patrick during the day. 
  • today was a cold day after a few days of bright sunny (not to mention hot) days. so i let patrick try out finger painting. he hasn’t been interested in any form of art before so i’m a bit surprised he liked it. especially knowing he doesn’t like to get his fingers or hands dirty or wet. Image

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