had quite a scare today when shopping at walmart. right after i put the kids and the stuff inside the truck patrick somehow managed to get himself and olivia locked inside the truck. where was i? well i was outside. unfortunately my keys were in my purse, and my purse was in the truck, under a carton of eggs. great, right?

so i yelled at patrick (the windows were closed too) to open the door, and he did, but somehow it didn’t work. weird. then olivia started to cry. then i started to panic, because that means in order to open the door he has to find the keys, which is in my purse. so i yelled at the window, telling patrick to find my keys. i think i spoke too fast and bossy that he got confused. (he’s not even 3 yet. what do you expect? :D). 


So i did the next best thing: called my husband who was at work. thankfully he has a spare key in his car, and was able to steal time away from work to drive to walmart. in the meantime patrick somehow managed to discover where my purse were. he threw the eggs to the back seat, grab my purse, and the keys somehow slide out of the purse so he was able to see it. then he did the next best thing he could think of: insert the key in the keyhole (ignition). really.. i taught him too much. 

so i had to yell at the window again telling patrick to take the key out of the ignition and find the unlock button on the remote. he did. and he opened the door. 



(hubby arrived less than 1minute after that). 


i don’t know what i would’ve done had i not have my phone with me, or had patrick not been smart enough to know to keep calm and follow my instructions. 

lessons learned: 

1. always keep your keys in your pockets!

2. it’s never to early to teach your kids about car doors and where the lock/unlock buttons are. 

3. trust your instincts. when it’s telling you “oh it’s such a perfect cloudy day to be stuck inside all day long wearing pjs”, then forget about any anxiety you might have from not having breads or eggs in the house. stay inside!!! 





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