summer slumber

what, it’s june already? sick! time flies when you’re having fun (or not?). a lot has happened since last time i wrote, of course, but lately it’s been difficult trying to use the computer lest i wake up really early. son keeps hijacking whichever gadget i’m using at the moment, laptop, ipad, phone, wii.. and i’ve also been jugling between him and babygirl. when he’s taking a nap, babygirl would suddenly wake up and fuss. and when she’s finally quiet down son would wake up from his nap. hence no nap time for me.

life’s been good though. true, it’s hot as hell outside. but we’re moving out soon enough. hubby accepted the offer from Georgia so we’re moving there in september. i can’t wait to go house hunting. initially the town is not my preffered choice (I preffered dothan, alabama just because the town is bigger and has more stores, including target!) but Douglas, GA offer is the highest, so we can’t really say no to that. not when you have to fill out 2 college funds and 2 retirement funds.

other things? well.. let’s see. patrick has started (and finished) his swimming lesson. he forgot the whole kicking and blowing bubbles things so we had to start all over again but after a week he got used to the water and started to enjoy himself. i actually like taking him to the pool.. it’s our special time. and on tuesday i start taking him to the library again. he’s doing better surrounded with lots of kids, i must say, although it still need some improvements. he’s still shy and not as brave as i want him to be. really need to work on that as he’s starting school in a year. maybe i can enroll him in a day care once we’re in the new place.

he fell off the stairs the other day. i was in the kitchen when it happened, and heard only loud thumps. i’m telling you.. it stopped my heart!! nothing will ever prepare you for that. luckily no serious injuries. only a small bump on his right eyelid, and a few minutes of shocked cries. after that when he had to go upstairs to change his diaper, he spent 5 minutes telling his dad where he bumped his head and where he landed. 

olivia is doing really good. 12lbs 12oz by the time she was 2months old. i don’t know how much she weight right now (3 mo) but she’s outgrowing her #2 diapers. i don’t know how that happened. she’s also wearing patrick’s 3-6mo clothes, and it fits her like when he was 6mo old. i’m raising a huge baby. she looks cute though. 😀 and she’s generally good except when she’s pooping.. oh gosh.

i love it when hubby’s burping olivia. he would sit olivia on his lap, and he would talk to her. olivia can coo now, so it looks like she’s having a conversation with her dad. cute. patrick has been good to olivia too, giving her binkies and blankets eventhough she doesn’t need it. haha. i have good kids.

let’s hope this shall


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