happy easter!

this easter marks olivia’s second week old. so far i’ve been struggling really hard, with myself, baby duties, other family duties (son, husband, pets), and house chores. but there are things to be thankful for:

– great husband who doesn’t clean up, but doesn’t protest a messy/dirty house either. and he helps with patrick, which is a LOT. i don’t know how i’ll manage when he goes back to work.
– my son patrick who doesn’t seem to mind that his momma suddenly has way less time for him than before. one time in the morning when hubby and olivia was still asleep, i took him when he woke up, fed him breakfast, and then took him back to my bedroom. i accidentally fell back asleep. when i woke up an hour later hubby and olivia were still asleep but patrick was no where to be found in the bedroom. i found him in the living room.. quietly watching pocoyo on his ipad. i felt so guilty, and yet he didn’t seem to mind. maybe he understood mommy’s still not feeling very well.

– olivia is pretty much a good baby. on good days (which is most days) she’d eat, sleep, wake up 3 hours later, be alert/poop/whatever, eat, then sleep again for 3 hours. it’s nice knowing you can depend on her to be sleeping so good. although when she’s gassy/constipated she could cry for hours and couldn’t sleep very well unless i hold her on my chest. during that time i have to keep reminding myself that it’s a small price to pay considering how good she is most of the time.
AND i gotta say she’s looking very cute. especially when she stretches and pouts. ^_^

– after the disastrous indomie incident (the dogs ate a whole box of indomie.. yes, a whole box.. the entire 20-30 of them) the boys have been pretty good. i also feel guilty for not having a lot of time for them. no rubs, no hair brushing, no walks/runs.. and they spent all day outside the house (eventhough this is by choice.. they seem to like the weather).

– after almost 10 days being on pain medication, i finally feel good enough to skip my medication altogether. not pain free yet, i’m still waiting for those days to come, but in the meantime i can be patient. at least if i lie down instead of sitting up, and only sit on a cushiony pillow, then i’ll be alright. but i do hope my warm/cool relief pack arrive soon. nursing is no easy matter.

alright, i’m rambling. let’s see if i can come up with shorter dot points.

– frozen food
– nice weather outside
– ipad, iphone, draw something (to keep me up while nursing at night) and youtube
– mortrin (or ibuprofen)
– spray bottle
– nursing pillow

oh well.. i can go on and on but i do miss several things or wish they were more readily available…

– food delivery (i live outside town limit, and they don’t deliver here.. tsk!)
– all those warungs and tukang kaki lima that sells endless variety of food at the convenience of opening your front door
– all indo ‘heavy’ snacks: bakcang, syomay, mpek2, sate, and many more
– massageur
– and a maid. 🙂
and i do wish for my good night sleep but i suppose i better enjoy life as it is.

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