freedom of speech

so sorry if i’ve been neglecting this blog for too long. i’ve been away, back, away, back, away and back again for many times this past 2 months. hubby got several interviews on the east coast and we try to go before i’m banned from flying. so we’ve been living out of suitcases (literally!) for quite a while, and only came home for a few days in between (sometimes a week) so hubby could work, i could clean up the house, and we got to see the poor boys who had to live in a kennel all the time we’re gone.

glad to say that’s all over now. i’m 37 weeks and therefore can’t fly until i give birth, which is pretty soon said my obgyn. indeed, i’ve been feeling very bloated and had a lot of braxton hicks already, not to mention the back pain .. aahhrrgh.. i wonder how i could forget that.

anyway, today is one of those unusual day when i unexpectedly got a few hours of me-time. the house is pretty clean (at least i vacuumed the carpet), the laundry’s been folded (still need to be put away though but that can wait, right?), and both daddy and son is napping quietly. bliss. so what to do beside browsing for some gossip?

i came across this article. who doesn’t know kirk cameron? if you’re up-to-date with your gossip columns you’d also know that he’s now a pastor. so i wasn’t surprise about his anti-gay opinion. what strikes me odd is the comments from readers.

i’d actually expected the comments to be harsh and condemning, following the footsteps of GLAAD. especially when nowadays there are more and more openly gays out there, and more states are permitting gay marriage. but i was wrong on this one. they (the comments, and people) are surprisingly understandable and i kind of agree with the commenters. it was Kirk’s personal opinion and he was asked. who are we to condemned anyone for their opinion anyway? as long as he doesn’t cause others harm, then so be it. i’m sure GLAAD thought protesting was the best action at that time, to defend themselves. but then again, (as mentioned several times in the comments) why ask us to understand you when you don’t try to see and understand our point of view?

that’s what i like about living in the US, i suppose. i can say what i feel without having to worry about being prosecuted by others who don’t see eye to eye with me. and believe me, strangers can be mean. once i tweeted about charice, who got a botox in preparation for appearing on Glee. i commented how she’s stupid to have done it, seeing as she didn’t need any except that it was offered for free as part of a promotion of a beauty clinic. i got tons of tweets back saying nasty things about me. it’s like hell had decided to raise an army to defend charice’s decision. believe me when i say the tweets they sent gave me the chills. and to think i’m not even sure charice herself gave a damn. lol.

i wish i can have the ignorance to not think about what others say, though. words can be pretty hurtful, especially when paired with hateful acts. on this case, i agree with every beauty contestants. i just want world peace.


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