the best things in life are NOT free!

this second time around i found myself craving for noodles again. it was bad the first round with my baby so i hope it won’t be as bad. but lately i’ve been thinking about these noodles i used to eat in jakarta.

1. bakmi pinangsari – pinangsia

guaranteed, this is the BEST bakmi ayam ever. the noodles are perfectly seasoned and the chilli/sambal… i could eat just the noodle with the sambal. Usually I’d order the usual chicken noodles with some pangsit goreng and bakso, plus sweet ice tea.

2. lomie kangkung pinangsia

my family was a regular to this used-to-be-really-dungy street noodle stall. but then they moved location and probably split the ownership so we didn’t know which one is the authentic anymore. But lately we found out they opened near our house. so YAY…!!

the main reason we like this dish so much is the rich thickness of the gravy, the crunchy bbq pork (or chicken if you prefer), and the kangkung (watercress?) which is not a usual combination for noodle dish.

3. hokkien noodle 61

the reason we call it bakmi 61 is because it’s located at jl. hayam wuruk 61. i don’t actually know what it’s called apart from hokkien mie. it originated (i suppose) from Medan. my dad loves this dish so much because it reminds him of home when he was little. i love it because of the variety of the condiments that they put in the bowl. the soup is not as flavorful but with all of the action going on in the bowl, the soup is kinda perfect to balance things out.

4. bakmi emi pluit

another sweet noddle dish. the gravy is so thick you could consider it gooey. there’s nothing in the dish except noodles, some beansprouts, a quart of boiled egg, lots of fried onions, and lots of shrimp crackers and emping. you can see pieces of shrimp in the gravy (yes the gravy is shrimp-based) but that’s about the biggest meat you can find.

oh man oh man i’m sooooo wanting to eat these noodles right now.

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