sweet carolina

last week hubby had a few days off so we thought about flying somewhere. choices included washington DC (to visit my close friend), chicago (my sister), SF (another friend), NC (hubby’s brother) or tallahassee, FL (hubby’s oldest brother). Sadly the ticket prices to DC and Chicago weren’t too friendly, so we ended up going to NC. Not a bad trip. We ended up visiting 4 states in 4 days: NC, TN, GA, and SC. that’s some intense travelling.

a lake in NC’s Chattanooga’s national forest (at least i think that’s where it is). I want to have a house there…. *yeah.. keep on dreaming!*

Tybee beach at tybee island, GA. way too crowded for my liking.

obligatory picture taken while baby’s asleep in the car… lol..

anybody wants to go for a hike up to Maine (from NC)? seriously, this trail goes all the way to Maine. there’s another entrance, which makes the trail goes longer than 1972 miles. it’s amazing what the indians (or other people) did before cars or planes were invented.

While we’re in Savannah, GA we took this video of our boy trying to get down from the bed. We’ve been teaching him how to get down from higher places but by far this was his highest. I’m not surprised he got stuck, but what made it so funny was how he’d smile to the camera while hanging on to the sheets like that. It’s so funny it cracks me up all the time.


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