you can look but you can’t touch

after having a kid i rarely go to the movies anymore. not that i don’t want to, but it’s a matter of principal. the tickets for the movies cost $8 per person, total of $16 for me and husband. the babysitter, however, would cost around $20 for almost 3hour. thank God for netflix i don’t mind sitting pretty at home waiting for the new releases and watch them at home. hence is why i’ve just watched the joneses last night.

strangely it hits home with my recent condition. i’ve never been the type of person who needs to buy or match what others have, especially when it comes to brands. but this changed when i and hubby went house hunting a few days ago. we didn’t really need to move yet, but the need for a bigger space is growing, so we like to keep a look out. the first day we saw 3 houses and kind of like one of them. it’s basically the same size with my current house but the lot is a lot bigger. and the house is surely prettier.

the next day hubby said his friend’s house is being set up for auction, and asked if we wanted a tour of the house. sure thang. turned out his house was this huge house on an acre lot in a nice neighborhood right downtown at a neighbor town. . to cut things short i simply love this house. it’s big, but it means more space for my son to play, place for hubby to put his fitness equipments and do some carpenting when he feels macho, even have some space for me to go crazy on my baking and cooking. HA!

anyway.. ever since i saw that house i haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. crazy right? i didn’t realize it at first but after watching the joneses it hit me what it can do to me. no wonder it’s included as one of the seven deadly sin. tsk. i don’t want to be larry, that’s for sure. so help me God. right now my attitude toward the house is: if it’s mine, then i don’t have to worry about it. *sigh* it’s hard being good all the time.


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