raise your glasses, people

aah. it’s a new year again.

so what have i been up to last year? hmm. a lot. marriage, move to another country, baby, quit job, vacation to another country and spending almost all of my savings on that trip.. not necessarily in that order of course.

so far marriage life has been great. oh we’ve had our arguments and times when we (i, mostly) feel like biting each other heads’ off but most of the time we’re having a blast of a time. and baby’s now turning 10 months. can’t believe it’s been 10 months since i huffed and puffed and pushed in the-rather-nice hospital room (my first hospital stay since birth). i can still remember that day like it was yesterday, thank God i can only vividly remember those first month of no sleep and feeling like a gorilla.

after moving here i developed a new hobby: trying out new cupcakes recipes. i’ve always been a bit obsessed with cupcakes but buying them seem so extravagant (they’re so expensive) so now i have fun making them. hmm.. there’s a thought. maybe i should share my cupcake project here.

safe to say in 2010 my life changed drastically, but i wouldn’t say for the worse. quite the opposite, it’s getting better. i’m enjoying every moment of it. let’s hope 2011 is better than 2010. cheers.


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