cap jempol

on status: yep. it’s finally official. i’m a permanent resident of the united states. yayyy!! 5 months from applying to getting approved. now all i have to do is wait for the card to arrive in the mail (the officer said it’ll be between 2-3 weeks, but might come sooner), and then i can apply for a social security number. woohoo. i feel so americanized now. 😛

on patrick: he’s learning to stand up already!! woohoo. mommy so proud. he’s been learning to stand up for quite a while now, once he mastered the sitting position from crawling. now he can crawl and follow me to the kitchen, or just approach the dog food whenever it’s feeding time. and he likes to hold on to the coffee table and peek what’s on top of the table (and pull them to the floor). so annoying yet i don’t mind. :))

and he’s starting to eat finger food now. the other day hubby and i ate grilled ribs for dinner, and hubby gave him a piece of bone. oh boy oh boy, he gnawed it like there’s no tomorrow. and he doesn’t have any teeth yet!! and yesterday we went to tucson and ate at a korean restaurant. patrick was fussy and wanted to grab whatever we’re eating, so hubby gave him a piece of parsley. lol. boy that was a funny sight.

can’t wait to see him walking around real soon.

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