of snow, sun, soup and shopping

so here i am, at home with hubby on a saturday night watching titanic for the thousandth time. boring. then i realized i haven’t written anything about my recent trip to yellowstone, Wyoming. not that you all care about it, of course. but i’ll pretend you do just so i have something to write and to spare you from any suffering, i’ll keep it short.

wyoming is so far away it took us 2 full day of driving just to get to the nearest town from the south entrance of yellowstone, which is Jackson in WY. it was past 6pm local time when we arrived at the campground, so we had time to do some laundry (not that we needed it, but hubby was fussy about the bedsheet…). the next morning we left for fishing bridge campground, where we’ll be staying during the week.

to get to yellowstone via the south entrance we have to go through grand teton national park. it’s not big and although it’s beautiful, it’s nothing compare to yellowstone. the view was just breath-taking. and to top it all off: it was snowing when we arrived at yellowstone. simply perfect.

the campground was ok, good sized although probably a bit small now that we have the bigger trailer. we couldn’t fit into the site we were assigned to so we asked for a change. i had to help hubby park the trailer while it was snowing. how fantastic was that?

after that every morning for the whole week we’re there hubby went out the door at 5.30-6am to hunt for wild animals to photographed while i and patrick stayed in the trailer and get ready. at least that was the plan. but of course nothing worked according to plan, … the heater fan broke on the first morning we were there. so patrick and i had to spend the morning almost frozen. 49F. it’s funny cos just less than 2 weeks before then me and patrick had to spent a really hot day in the trailer … at 90 something F. talk about extreme!! a repair guy from the campground couldn’t fix the fan, and so after that we had to spend almost every morning freezing while waiting for hubby.

apart from that the trip was excellent. the sun was all out for the whole week. saw boat load of creatures running wild (elk, bison, canada geese, bald eagle, hawk, black bear, coyote, grizzly mommy bear with her two cubs, wolf (from so far away that hubby called out “LOOK!! a SPOT!”), deer, and idiots) and we had fun making fun of people (“look at that grandpa trying to take picture of that spots – bison far far away – with his tiny little camera pocket.. teeehehehehhehe”). too bad we didn’t see any trumpeter swan that are native to that park, and no moose either.

all right, enough about yellowstone. after the heater incident we went back to tucson last thursday to get the trailer fixed. so as usual we stopped by at the asian grocery to buy some asian food. i went berserk at the fresh veggies section and bought fresh beansprouts, kailan and bokcoy and long bean (kacang panjang). but now i have to finish them all quickly before they deteriorate (and that means: within a week!! EEK!). trouble is i don’t really know how to cook those except by stirfrying with a little bit of garlic or oyster sauce and hubby doesn’t like it that way. hmppph. gotta find another way/dish to incorporate those veggies then. right now for dinner i’ve settled with soto ayam and tomorrow i’ll be cooking seafood claypot (without the claypot..haha). we’ll be eating all asian/chinese food this week. hope hubby can keep up.

i’m also a bit excited about my bro-inlaw’s upcoming wedding this nov. been browsing online for dresses and went a bit gaga on oldnavy.com. wanted to buy a few long sleeve shirts and tops and cardigans and jacket … and a pair of boots but i’ve just spent more than $200 in target so i’m quite broke now. oh well, i’ll have to go to tucson again on oct anyway so i’ll just stop by old navy and buy the things i want, if they fit. *cross fingers*

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