colorado trip

aah, finally, a spare free time to write my blog using both hands instead of the usual 2 fingers. it feels nice. haha.

ok, brief trip summary, if anyone’s interested.

day 1. managed to get out of the door and left before 9am. wow. it’s amazing considering the usual chaos everytime we have to leave early morning. it was a long drive so we were anxious to leave early. we got to the campground by 8pm (it was an hour ahead in colorado so we lost an hour of travel time) and it was already getting dark, so we hurried and unhitched the trailer. managed to do it just in time. phew. oh i saw an english mastiff just like max sitting on a grassy yard in front of one house leading to the campground. i was so surprised i yelled “MAX”. and the next day hubby heard from someone that that dog was actually named max. what do you know.. 😛 we kept looking for him again the next few days but no luck.

day 2. did nothing much. hubby was too tired to wake up early morning and baby was too fussy to sleep thru the night. so we woke up rather late, and then went out to grab a late lunch and let the dogs out to play in the lake. oh yeah, we stayed about 10 mins from vallecito lake. so the dogs had fun, we got a nice late lunch / dinner at serious texas bbq. pulled pork, beef brisket, sausage and ribs. yummy.

day 3. we woke up early today (regardless of baby’s continuous screaming thru the night) and went on a scenic drive. the route took us from durango – silverton (there’s a scenic steam train that goes between this two cities, i’ll mention it later) – ouray – placerville – tullaride – cortez and then back to durango. this drive is called the san juan skyway. the view was spectacular and breathtaking. for the first half we got the mountain, valley and all the greenery of alpine trees and green grass. saw lots of cows, horses, sheeps, llamas. during the second half leg of the trip the topography changed from greens to deserts. different kinda trees and not much green grass. interesting. the drive took us the whole day so by the time we were home we were in a hurry to cook dinner (grill some steak).

we didn’t have enough days to do the scenic train. and besides, there’s a lot of difficulties: where to leave the dogs while we’re on the train, and my baby’s still a lot too small for trains. so we opted out.

day 4. again we woke up a bit late. but no hurry this time as we planned to go to mesa verde. it’s an hour away from durango. but when we were just about to leave durango hubby saw a trailer dealer so we stopped by. our trailer is too small for 2 huge dogs, 2 adults plus a baby. so we’re thinking about buying a bigger one, preferably a 5th wheeler. this dealer sells raptor, a brand which right now is #1 in toy hauler 5th wheeler, so we wanted to check it out. by the time we finished it was almost 2pm already. so we hurried and head to mesa verde. got there around 3. was a bit dissapointed that we couldn’t take the tour to 3 of the biggest cliff dwellings there because they involve strenuous trek and lots of ladders, but at least we’re able to see 2 of them from a far.

we went home on day 5, so there’s not much to tell except that we left the dog fence behind. 😛 i was so tired of the ride that i was glad to be home, eventhough the house was messy and dirty. at least it’s not moving. haha. can’t wait till hubby buy a bigger trailer though. it would be nice.


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