colorado let’s go

most people i know would consider me as lucky, cos i get to travel to various places quite often. last month we (that’s hubby, me, baby + 2 dogs) went to utah. this time we’re spending a week in colorado, a town called durango. it’s officially arund 9 hour drive from safford but because we made lots of stops for the dogs and baby, it took us almost 12 hours.

compared to other touristy towns i’ve been to (moab, sedona, san antonio), durango is the prettiest. not too busy, not too touristy… just pretty. and all the open space makes me wanna live here. within one town you get lake, mountain, open fields… dalam bbrp hari ini udah ga terhitung berapa kali liat deers, elks, sheeps, goats, cows, llamas, horses, donkeys… one time i even saw a bear crossing the street. and here in the campground we’re surrounded by the san juan forest.. and therefor lots of chipmunks running around, unafraid of humans.

makes me want to live here.

ok, full story and photos gonna have to wait. i still have 1 more day then we’re heading home. semoga pas sampe rumah pantat masih berbentuk….

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