baking under the heat

akhir2 ini kok lagi banyak maunya tapi malasssss banget. belom lagi patrick rewel (ntah kenapa. jangan tanya deh..) jadi kurang ada waktu buat bikin2 yang di luar kegiatan rutin. jangankan yang gak rutin, yang rutin aja keteteran kok. tapi walau begitu kok ya masih sempet baking2 dan bikin camilan sedikit. simple2 aja.

mini cheesecake
ini gampang banget, sayang lupa ambil foto karena emang bikin buat dibawa ke kantor suami.

nilla wafers yg gede (18-20 biji, plus bbrp untuk di crush)
2 butir telor
2 cup (@8oz) cream cheese
3/4 cup gula
1 tbs lemon juice

panasin oven sampai 375F (190an C kali ya)
cemplungin 1 nilla wafer ke dalam muffin cup (dilapisin paper cup ya) untuk jadi dasarnya. bagian rata ngadep bawah.
isi: kocok creamcheese + gula sampai lembut. masukin lemon juice dan telur satu per satu, kocok sampai agak putih kayak krim. isi ke dalam muffin cup kurang lebih 3/4 penuh. taburi dengan nilla wafer yang sudah dihancurin… panggang 15-20 mnt (sampai kecoklatan). dinginkan di kulkas.

note: bisa juga dihias pake buah kalau ada.
warning: very addictive. makan 1 ga cukup.

habis ini masih mau bikin apple pie, bakpao, sama churros. untuk churros ini kebetulan nemu tepungnya di asian grocery, jadi pengen bikin deh. yumm yumm. trus masih mau bikin es krim buat makan apple pie nya. hadoooh, kapan yaaaaa?

anyhow, how are things?
things been going pretty well here. we go boating every week now (not during weekend though. i can’t stand the crowd, neither can my husband). the weather’s been so hot that every family who owns a boat would spend the day boating and skiing and swimming. those who don’t have a boat buy a swimming pool (i have one too, cheap small plastic ones… just in case patrick wants to play in the water.. hee hee) or simply install a sprinkler in their yard. i prefer to stay indoors but of course it’s not possible when hubby’s not working. and i know it’s not healthy for patrick. :p

yesterday we went to tucson to grab some things. originally we wanted to grab dinner at takamatsu, the korean bbq resto. but when we got there it was closed, with police line on the front doors. apparently the restaurant caught on fire a few weeks ago. darn. but we found a thai restaurant we rather like. so it’s all good.

i also found another indonesian family who lives in this town. imagine that!! another indonesian. haahaa.. . i heard them speaking indonesian in walmart. i was so shocked to hear indonesian language being spoken that i blanked out for a few minutes. we exchanged numbers and planned to have dinner together or go boating.. i dunno. yay!!

now, if only i can find the time to declutter the house.


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