morning notes

if you buy a present for someone, and he turned out .. err.. not really excited about it, what would you do?

i don’t buy presents cos i know i suck at it, but when i do feel like giving presents i think and think and think about it for quite a long time before deciding on something. this is probably why when he/she doesn’t like it i get sad and a bit offended.

oh well. maybe gw sensi aja kali ya?

yesterday we went to lake roosevelt and went boating and swimming. it was so hot! had to slab on extra sunscreen on patrick. and i went for a short swim in the lake to. a major achievement knowing i have phobia about swimming in murky waters. must be the heat. patrick went in too, wearing an infant lifejacket. so cute.


2 thoughts on “morning notes

  1. I always think it's the thought that counts. I think giving presents is always a risky business so I prefer something more simple than buying big or expensive present. Fara likes cute toys, that's why I do that felt doll thing. Fara's grandparents, for example, they are excited just to receive Fara's doodle or finger/foot painting or some crafts that I made. When it comes to my partner, I just bake him a cake he likes.So of my friends also requested my crafts as a gift and I usually ask them for who and what they like. That way I know what to give them next time. ~_^

  2. Whether we give a present the receiver likes or not, it's the thought that counts.But nowadays we have the option to give a present with a return bar code. There are also lots of gift cards now.

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