bella .. without edward!!

i was bored today (or had too much time in my hands, .. or simply too lazy to do any house chores.. :D. well, either way.. ) so i surfed thru and stumbled upon a movie called bella. i saw the trailer about a few months back but didn’t really pay any attention to it until now. it turned out to be a really good movie. me likey.

the one thing that made me cry is when the main character (the guy, jose) told the story how he hit and killed a little girl. it was an accident but it robbed him of his passion. now i can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to have hurt, let alone kill, a little child. but now that i’ve got patrick i see it from a different perspective. i can’t imagine what it must’ve felt like to lose a child.

before patrick was born i was not a baby-child-kid-friendly person. i get tongue-tied infront of a child. hand me a baby and i won’t know what to do with him. not that i ever want to voluntarily hold a baby in my arms, oh no. i’m scared of them.

nina, the main female character in this movie was scared when whe found out she was pregnant. she wanted to abort the pregnancy, thinking she won’t know how to care for a baby. when i was pregnant hubby used to tease me, because i worried so much that i won’t know what to do with the baby. well… i still worry too much, but at least i’m not afraid of babies anymore. now i have other things to be scared of: losing my baby or hubby. i pray hard that it would never happen. i don’t know what i would do without them.

anyway… i’m rambling. i should be doing some cleaning up. besides, my baby’s woke up from his nap. time to get him his bath. whoopee! fun.

ps: when i googled bella poster, the top page came up with kristen stewart’s poster from the twilight saga. duhhhh!!! i’d always wanted to name my baby girl (if i ever have any) bella, but thanks to twilight… i change my mind.

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