sometimes i wonder why am i a better baker back at jakarta than here
sometimes i think my brain is just one big blob of jelly
sometimes i dream reruns, as in i’ve dreamt the exactly the same dream before
sometimes i wonder what would happen if i hadn’t get pregnant
sometimes i think my brain’s not working at all
sometimes i feel too tired to do anything, but then i’d say to myself i was just being lazy
sometimes i want to throw everything away and then go on a vacation, just by myself
sometimes i wonder if he really loves me
sometimes i’d like to think myself as a great cook
sometimes i think i should get a lasik surgery
sometimes i think i’d rather buy something else than spend the money on something i don’t really need, like a lasik surgery
sometimes i wish there’s a target store here in town (actually i lied. it’s most of the time..)
sometimes i think i’m being too hard on myself. but that’s impossible, knowing how lazy most of the time i am
sometimes i wonder why i’m hungry again eventhough i just ate a couple of hours ago
sometimes i wonder why i wonder so much…
i should stop..

really… stop.

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