jalan sore.. kita berjalan jalan sore sore..

baca blog orang tentang jalan2 kok jadi kangen pengen jalan2 lagi ya? too bad i’m stuck in this country until who knows when so i can’t travel anywhere outside the country. but with patrick in tow now, i can’t really travel that far anyway. but still one can crave. thankfully hubby got a week off next month so we’re going on a road trip again. this time bringing brady and patrick who’ve never been on a road trip before. i hope they’re not fussy.

my inlaw is coming this wednesday. yayyy.. . i actually like my mother in law. she’s cool. but i do have my worries, especially that the house is not as tidy as i’d like it to be. patrick’s been so colicky this past week that i haven’t been able to do much house cleaning (yay? :D). the house is so dusty and dirty. luckily he’s sleeping quietly today after his bath, so i can do some things needed to be done. (grrr.. still need a bucket to mop the floor!)

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