tales of friendship

salah satu pertanyaan temen2 di jakarta yang sering gw denger sekarang adalah “udah punya temen blom disana?” well, susah2 gampang nih jawabnya. yes and no. yes, i’ve made friends with some of the women who work at my husband’s department. but if the kind of friendship they meant was like the ones i have in jakarta… it’s a no then. maybe those women are what people call acquaintance. not yet close friends.

kemarin pas lagi bengong2 di mobil mendadak keinget salah satu episode pada saat i was about to resign from my office. jadi di kantor ini gw punya beberapa temen lengket (kalau nyontek istilah salah satu dari mereka : “kita kan kayak upil dan ingus….”) dan pada saat terakhir2 resign itu memang kita lagi sibuk dengan kerjaan dan pikiran masing2 jadi udah lama gak sempet gosip2an bareng lagi. i was busy with my plans, they were busy with their work loads.

i still remember that day, when suddenly all of us reconnected dan ngegosip di salah satu ruang editing. it began when one of my friend said to me in a ‘hopeful’ voice that insyaallah she’d be divorced soon. note the word ‘insyaallah’ here (for those who don’t know, it means ‘if God is willing’). naturally i thought she was joking but you don’t joke with stuff like that. needless to say i was shocked and immediately drilled her with the story. she told me the whole thing, and then proceed to say that our other friend had already known about it. what?? so we went to the editing suite (a small cramped space but very convenient for gossiping because each suite has it’s own door and it’s dark in there so we got our privacy), and started talking.

belom lagi selesai dengan berita yang mengejutkan tadi si temen nomor 2 mendadak bilang “eh gw juga punya berita mengejutkan loooh.. . i’m gayyy”. although that news didn’t shock me as much but still…

now that i think about it, it strikes me as funny that how we all have our own shocking secrets (including me). and i miss that. i miss those chatty gossipy moment with my friends. much as i like the women here, it’s still not the same. first of all ngegosip dalam bahasa enggreesssss agak2 sulit deh. gak ada kata2 gak guna macam ‘bo’, ‘ne’, ‘tau gak sih looo?’, ‘masa seeeh?’ dan lain2 sebagainya. and then there’s not much to gossip about except kids (mostly in form of me asking questions and they answer) cause i don’t know the people they talk about and vice versa. kids and my husband are the only things we have in common. and then there’s the time differences. although i don’t work, i’m busy with my house and boys. they’re also busy with their life. we don’t have time to go lounging at a cafe to chat like i used to do back in indo when still single.

i miss my friends. they’re hard to find. sometimes i wish i can go back to indo and meet them again, but i don’t want to trade my life here with whatever. i’m happy, but i’d be happier if i can get some times with them again. it’ll be fun to exchange news and stories and chat for hours with them again. (although agak2 sulit ya mengingat skarang kemana2 mesti bawa patrick.. :D). oh well, at least i’m lucky. my husband is quite content at listening to my gossips, so at least i can still project my inner gossip at someone. 😀 😀


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