baby language decoded?

jadi ceritanya menurut seorang patricia dunstan tangisan bayi tuh gak cuma asal nangis, tapi ada artinya. babies have their own language dan menurut si dunstan ini gampang banget kok nerjemahinnya. there are 5 words: neh, eh, owh, eiirgh, heh.

neh : means he’s hungry.
eh (sometimes staccato and repetitive) : means he needs to burp.
owh : means he’s tired.
eiirgh : means he’s gassy.
heh : means he’s uncomfortable

bah! easy to distinguish my ass.

i’ve listened to my baby cries many2 times (although not that often, thank God), and they all sound the same to me. sometimes emang gampang sih bedain antara eh dan owh. tapi sisanya…… sounds the same to me. which means everytime he cries i have to try to decode it in my own way. usually it involves checking everything i can check.

this past 3 days, for example. my baby’s been bawling his head out, screaming like a banshee during the day. i couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with him except that he seemed to ‘ngeden’ (bahasa inggrisnya apa sih?!) a lot. di kamus gw ngeden can only mean two things: mo pup ato mo kentut. he already farted a lot (and by that i mean, a LOT) .. so i don’t think he can produce more than he already let out. but he did. only little poop came out though. until today, when i want to change his diaper (already full of poop) he poop again, and again, and again. i ended up grabbing everything nearby (3 towels and 2 plies of paper towel) just to hold his poop. geez. he’s sleeping peacefully now, thank God.

do i think dunstan got it right? maybe. do i find it useful? maybe. but until i can understand what patrick’s really saying between those closely similar bawling, i just have to try everything i can to calm him down. and right now it means … everything … *sigh*

One thought on “baby language decoded?

  1. I tried the Dustan's waktu zaman Fara masih orok. Ok awal-awalnya sih rada berhasil. Tapi……….. si Fara tuh dasarnya emang iseng (dari kecil emang dia jahil dan udah mulai bisa ngerangkak dan jalan kerjaannya kabur melulu, gitu udah bisa ngomong bikin plesetan melulu, gitu udah bisa nyanyi lagu-lagunya diubah-ubah). Lama-lama suara nangisnya diganti! Pusing lah gue. Jadi cari short cutnya kalau dia nangis ya periksa semua: apa itu business depan, belakang, lapar, perlu burp atau cuma mau dipelukin dan dikelonin emaknya. Daripada bingung ngikutin aturan orang emang mending ikutin feeling kita aja deh. =P

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