mountain tragedy

almost lost max yesterday when playing in the snow.

we were on the mountain and the boys were playing on a steep slope when suddenly they went down and out of side. we started calling for max, thinking that he’s the one with command training, but he didn’t show up. so i started calling brady as well, knowing that usually he’d come when i call him as long as he knows where i am. sure enough after a few minutes brady showed up from the steep slope, slightly panting but walking towards me. still no sign of max though.

so i we kept calling for around 5 more minutes. nothing. finally my husband got pissed and took the truck to see if he showed up somewhere down the slope. i stayed there incase he showed up. i kept calling his name thinking he might got lost and don’t know where to go. brady started to get whiny and wanted to get back down to max, but thankfully he obeyed me when i said no.

sure enough after around 10 minutes or so max showed up!! panting heavily and looking very guilty. i was too relieved to see him that it didn’t cross my mind to spank him for disobeying us. i told him to sit, waiting for my husband but when he did, he yelp as if in pain. so i eventually had to clean his butt and back legs from gravels and small stones. and he eventually sat sideways with his right thigh on my shoes. while i was cleaning his butt a police car stopped by!!
it was so embarassing. but hey, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. right?

so he asked “is there something wrong?”
i said “yep.. this dog went downhill but i got him back now.. we’re ok.”
he: “where’s your car?”
me: “my husband took it to search for him down the hill.. if you see him can you let him know i got him?”
he: “sure thing. becareful of the steep slope ok, it goes on for 5 miles…”
me: “uhuh..”

not 5 minutes after that my husband pulled over, still looking so pissed that he didn’t even want to get out of the car to see max. and max didn’t even dare to look at my husband. he knew he did something bad. hoho. so we got the boys inside the car and continued up the mountain just to see the view (and got a bonus. we saw a bunch of turkeys clucking and gossiping on the side of the street).

my husband was still angry with max when we got home but i was just glad we got max back. can’t imagine what we would do if max hadn’t climbed back to us. phew.


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