it’s that time of the year again

another year gone by and whaddaya know, it’s my birthday again. πŸ˜€
gosh i’m old. but at least this year there’s a major difference. but besides my marital status, nothing much changed. oh wait i’ll take that back. yeah, things change, a lot.

for example.

– usually when i wake up mom and dad’d be ready to give hugs and angpao (hoho!).
+ this year, no one. husband has to work and he left early in the morning. he even forgot my birthday until he arrived in the office! lol. tried to give me a call but i didn’t hear any rings cause i left my phone outside the bedroom (under his orders!).

– usually then after the hugs i’d eat breakfast and enjoy life as it is.
+ not this morning. i got severe cramp on my leg and couldn’t fix it until around 10min. then i had to call my mom, and we chatted for an hour. after that i had to quickly put the garbage down the street. then i had to change the dogs water, pick up poops (trust me, a LOT of poops today!! it’s like they want to give me a present or something..geez). pff.

– usually my maid’d already cook something delicious for dinner. most probably ifumie, my fave dish. or if not, then me and my parents would go out to dinner at a simple Chinese restaurant. if i were there i’d probably pick kuo thie or emi medan. hmm.. yummm.
+ well, today i gotta cook my own ifumie. not that i mind, but still.. it’d be great not to have to do anything on your birthday. πŸ˜€ oh and on top of the cooking, i also had tons of house chores to do. really.. i hate wednesdays.

oh well i suppose each birthdays are different. each year is better than before no matter what your situation or condition is. right now i’m content, happy and satisfied. i don’t mind having to do all the things myself. at least i can have fun with hubby and the two dogs. πŸ™‚ oh and i’m still waiting for deliveries due to arrive next week. yayyyyyy. i’m so excited i almost can’t wait.


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