change of routines

this is what my daily routine looked like when i was still working:

08:00 wake up
08:30 read newspaper, or at least pretend to
09:00 get breakfast. either bread, fried rice, instant noodles, or buy porridge
10:00 bath and getting ready for work
11:00 leave for work (unless there’s a meeting at this hour, then i’d get up 2 hours earlier than usual)
12:00 arrive at office, check email or newest office gossip
12:30 lunch
13:30 back from lunch, check more emails and do some work
15:30 maksor alias snack time, catching up on more internal affairs gossips
16:30 work
18:30 usually by this time i’m already ready to go home (of course, unless there’s a shooting going on). but it depends, if i’m hungry i’d probably order the OB to buy some food.
19:00 depends. if i ordered food, then i’d still be waiting for the food. if not, i’d be on my way home.
20:30 already home, watching tv and talking to my parents or play with my two dogs.
21:00 usually chatting, read book, or watch dvd in my room
23:00 / 24:00 sleeping.

now that i don’t work and become a full time housewife, my routine looks something like this:

07:00 wake up, get the dogs out for pee and poop time, then went back to bed
08:00 really wake up, feed the dogs some breakfast
08:30 get a short walk around the front yard with the dogs. they pee, i change their water, feed the birds, and if it’s a wednesday get the trashcan down to the streets
09:30 get the dogs inside so they can play with their chewy while i grab some breakfast. usually choco milk with special K, bread, or instant noodles. and i surf the internet.
10:00 let the dogs out the backyard to play. continue surf the net.
11:00 shower, clean the bathroom.
12:00 fix something for lunch. usually left overs.
12:30 do some house chores. laundry, vacuuming, sweeping floors, and if i’m feeling up to it: mopping.
15:00 get dogs in for some play time, and watch ellen. scouring cookbooks for dinner ideas.
15:30 preparing ingredients for dinner
16:00 start cooking dinner for hubby
17:30 eat dinner (schedule may vary if hubby works day shift)
19:00 feed the dogs
20:00 watch tv
21:30 / 22:00 go to bed, unless hubby’s not working, then i’d be watching dvd with him until around 01.00

once a week when hubby’s not working we’d usually be out on a day trip (or longer). in that case there will be no house chores done at all. which means every wednesday i’m swamped with tons of laundry to do, dirty carpets and kitchen floors, and filthy bedroom floor. hff.

lately i’ve been so lazy i don’t even want to cook something difficult. yesterday i cooked fried noodles (this is actually left overs from the previous night) and some spam filled chicken thighs. dunno why hubby loves this fairly easy recipe. once before brady came i made syomay and lumpia semarang. but somehow now i don’t feel like messing around in the kitchen. maybe because i keep having to keep an eye on brady whenever he’s in the house (he still need to be trained to sit and stay on his spot).

well anyway, if you’re curious about the thigh fillet spam recipe, here it is:

chicken thighs fillet 3 pieces
spam potong kotak panjang tebal
char siu sauce
tepung terigu
tepung roti
telur kocok 1 butir

chicken thighs di potong tipis jadi lebar2.
rub some butter, and some char siu sauce (from lee kum kee.. botolan) tipisss aja.
trus taro spam di tengah, gulung, ikat pake benang atau tusuk aja pakai tusuk gigi.
roll in flour (tepungnya bumbuin garam dan merica dikit kalau mau), cemplungin di telor, trus gulung lagi di tepung roti.
goreng deh sampe mateng, api sedang biar gak angus.

untuk saus (optional)
kaldu ayam (bisa diganti dengan air + maggi block)
+ hoisin sauce (again, lee kum kee is the best), garam dan lada dikit..
cicipin, kalau rasa sudah dianggap pas, thicken with tepung maizena.

kalau mau lebih kreatif bisa tambah bawang bombay tumis di saus, tapi rasanya gak perlu ya. udah cukup enak kok. hehe.

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