home alone

i’m getting lazier and lazier each day. gosh. anyway, here’s a bit of an update.

1. brady got here. finally!!! yay. after waiting for months (or at least it felt like months although it’s only about a month or so) we’re finally able to pick him up from the airport/cargo building. he was a bit stressed at first, tapi dimengerti lah secara he just spent a whole day travelling inside a crate, alone. poor guy.

this picture was taken when we let him out of his crate to stretch before having to travel again (yep, he still need to travel at least 2 hours to get from tucson to our home.. ). he was so happy to get out of the crate that he really didn’t wanna go back in. tried hard with four paws grabbing on to everything that can prevent him from going back in. 😛

this is when he first met max. we let max sniffed him while he’s still in the crate. once we know we can control max’s excitement, we let him out. lucky we picked the brave one, he wasn’t afraid of max. he was just a bit cautious because max is … well .. huge. but max is gentle. at least we know he didn’t want to (intentionally) harm the puppy. 😛

and max took his big brother role quite seriously. he wouldn’t let brady get badgered by the neighbor dog (max’s girlfriend), but he wouldn’t share his toys and chewy either. kept alllll of the toys and chewy to himself. aah, brotherly love.

this is brady snoozing after a moment of serious playing. it was raining the whole day yesterday (related to news #2) and the backyard was all wet and muddy so i let the boys play inside. it’s better for me to clean the carpet than to leave my boys out in the wind and cold and rain. 😛

it’s so nice to see them together. at least max won’t be bored to death anymore. now all i gotta do is teach brady how to sit, lay down, and stay so he won’t have to follow me around all the time anymore, so i can do my house chores in peace. right now i still have tons of laundry to be done, clean the bedroom cause it was all so dirty from last night’s rain,

2. semalem serem banget deh. hubby was at work, night shift as usual for the past 2 months, so i was left with the two boys alone in the house. nothing special except that there was a storm passing Arizona last night. so it was rainy for a whole day (strong wind picking up after dark). you could actually hear the wind howling outside, and caused the stuff in the yard to tumble and make noises against the house. then the lights went off. only for a minute, then it went back on again but it was scary as hell!! even the boys got scared. that happened 2x. and the tv’s not helping either, with a weather update every 10 minutes warning everyone about wind, storm and flash flood. urgh.

lucky (for me) the storm landed up on the north side of AZ (i only got kecipratan aja), otherwise i wouldn’t know what to do. heck, this house hasn’t got any basement jadi kalau memang ada storm i won’t know which is best: the archway between kitchen and livingroom (but it’s facing a biiig glass window), under the dining table (but it sits next to a small window), or the bathtub (no window in bathroom, but it’s not exactly located in the middle of the house either). anyway, i kept my phone next to me all night long, in case i need to call my hubby or 911. smart move, ey? glad i didn’t have to do it.

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