bread and brady

although i’ve always enjoyed baking cakes i’ve never really play with bread making before. mom’s more the bread type, not me. i don’t like the kneading and waiting-for-rising process, it’s too boring for me. but i do love the smell of freshly baked bread. and i do love to eat bread. no matter if it’s store bought or mom-made, i simply love eating them.

when i moved here hubby showed me a new invention (at least, new to me..) : bread machine. apparently it’s a magic machine that do the whole process of making bread, from kneading, rising, to baking all in one machine. wow.
so mom bought a box of bread mix to try the bread machine. it worked. so hubby bought a second box of bread mix (because he said we can’t use the regular recipe for the bread machine). we love the fresh bread so much that he bought a recipe book from bread cookbook for bread machine, or something like that. 😛 he also bought flour, wheat flour, yeast, and other ingredients so i can make my own bread every day.

while it doesn’t make the cute little buns filled with chocolate, jam or cheese, it does make a great loaf of bread. and i can still have my cinnamon raisins bread, whole wheat, french bread, portuguese bread, english muffin, you name it. it’s all in the cookbook. interesting. i never knew they can make a whole book about bread machine alone. ha.

well maybe someday i’ll be motivated enough to make bread the manual way (especially the ones my mom used to make), but in the meantime, this is sufficient enough. i’m still waiting for my first batch to finish baking and cool down (i mean first using the recipe from the book).

the bread machine’s not the only high tech gadge hubby’s trying to introduce me to. he seems eager to buy a slow cooker. if you’ve heard of pressure cooker then you’d probably guess that this pot do just the opposite of that. it cooks everything slowly.. so slow that it can take overnight to cook beef or chicken. this makes me think: why is it that westerners always do things slowly while the chinese like to do things fast? haha.

oh well i don’t need a slow cooker just yet. i still have a lot of free time on my hand, why would i need a slow cooker? speaking of free time, i’m gonna get my new not-so-puppy-anymore next tuesday. FINALLY! i’ve been waiting for him for almost a month now! i’m gonna be busier when he arrived. more vacuuming to do, more mouth to feed, and more playing time with the two of them. i so can’t imagine how busy i’d be when the baby arrived. 😀

hubby also wanted to buy me a wii fit. it’s not from being nice, but he thought i need it to lose fat from my butt. lol. true, i need it. now i won’t mind the wii at all. at least it’s better than the stairmaster. in the meantime i guess i’ll just keep on baking bread (and a few other things).


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