year end reflection

dec 31, early morning. well not so early.. but i’m not a morning person so i consider before noon to be pretty early. 😀 i don’t usually write in the morning but since this is the last day of 2009, i thought i might look back and see what 2009 has given me. i don’t write resolutions though. never can remember what they are anyway, so what’s the point of writing one?

let’s see. 2009. hmm.
+ i was skinny in the early 2009. woohoo! dieting was not my strongest point and as far as i can remember i always feel like i have problems with my weight (although not necessarily so. i have normal weight until i went to oz for college, where i gained 10 kilos in just less than 6 months. scary). in 2002-2003 i was totally skinny, but in an unhealthy way. i weighed only a mere 45 kilos and i remember how i felt when i bought a pair of cool pants from the sale items and it was a size 6. 😀 i gained the weight back in around a year or so.

+ getting re-acquainted with an old friend who now turned out to be my husband. he sent me a box of presents for my birthday (but only because i sent him a xmas box in 2008!).

+ went to spore with my parents to see CATS in esplanade. it was a short but fun trip. i think all trips with my parents are fun. i like going with them, although sometimes i do have to be patient (biasa, orang tua banyak maunya). we stayed at ymca and flew valuair. fun fun fun.

+ flew to oz for a holiday with my then-only-friend hubby. it was fun fun fun. went to cairns, sydney and melbourne (to see my old friends). whilst there i tried scuba diving, which turns out to be so much fun. i had a blast.

+ gaining back all the weight i lost during end of 2008-start of 2009. *sigh*

+ ketemu then vice president JK.

+ went to jogja (2x!), one for work and the other for fun. i love jogja. oh, i also went to bali and flores with my hubby. went snorkelling yang berakibat sangat fatal terhadap punggung gw. sampe skarang masih belang and i really don’t know how to fix it. :(( oh.. btw, kalau mau honeymoon, pergilah ke lovina. nginep di hotel yg namanya frangipani. huahahahha. masih terngiang2 itu hotel sampe skarang. so niceeeee, so secluded. perfect lah. 😀 😀

+ i got married, which is .. like the most happening event of this year. 😀 small party, small church, small gathering… but perfect. padahal plan nya kacau balau. i didn’t do the planning except the date. semua serba last minute (including nyari cincin kawin buat my hubby, cos i didn’t know i had to buy for him!!) but it all went well. phew.

+ move to arizona. hence start the adventure. from living in a big city, i now live in a small city (itupun agak di pinggiran kota). gak ada mall di sini kecuali walmart. gak ada chinese restaurant kecuali yg buffet (kalo buffet ada 3 biji, but they don’t do ala carte menus). but there’s plenty sights for seeing. plenty national parks to visit (for free). plenty of things to do outdoor.

+ last but probably most exciting: i’m expecting. woot! so next year i’m gonna be a mom. really can’t imagine that happening when i started 2009 but .. here i am.

who knows what 2010 brings (other than the baby, for sure :P) i can only hope it’ll be as good as 2009.

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