feeling rather blueish

well what can i say. it’s been a hectic (almost) 2 months in the US for me. i’ve grown accustomed to having my parents around me that now the house seems big and empty without them. 😦 even gendeng max miss them (i can tell, cause this morning he came into the living room expecting a lot of “hello maxxxx..” and kisses and hugs and snacks.. . instead he found an empty house. boo.)

anyway, now i’m left with a house so dirty i don’t even know where to begin the cleaning up. 😛 i suppose it’s good that i have lots to do to occupy my mind. yes, my new year’s eve is gonna be spend cleaning up, reorganizing the kitchen, and baking probably. luckily i have some ingredients to make blackforest cake, so i’m gonna make that for new year’s dessert.

yesterday we went to tucson. partly cause we have to drive my parents and sis to the airport. but after that we spent the rest of the day looking at minivans (i still think honda is the best :P), raiding asian grocery stores (i stack up on dry egg noodles, shin ramyun, and charsiu marinated stuff.. haha!). bought a couple of sandals for me (cause max chewed mine to pieces) at payless shoe store, and then had wonderful dinner at the indian restaurant at east broadway st. delicious. i don’t know whether that’s due to the fact that we’re starving or was the food really that good though. 😛

oh well, i suppose vacation’s over. welcome back to reality life.


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