after mrs.

kalau dipikir2 life’s been treating me good this year. i’m never the one who usually do new years resolution and stuff, but here’s what i’ve been blessed with this year: good job, good family, good friends, health, good fortune, great vacations (australia, indonesia and US all in one year, who could beat that?) and marriage.

speaking of vacations, i went for a roadtrip for my honeymoon. hubby has a trailer so we went from florida to arizona bringing a trailer with us. jadi tidurnya di trailer. at first agak cape juga, secara trailer sempit pisan, tapi lama2 ya biasa. jadi ahli nyari2 rv park yang oke di guide book (buku tebal setebal yellow/white pages). trus juga jadi ahli baca peta.. lumayan lahhh. 😛 terutama untuk nyari rest area dan tempat makan.

of all the places, i probably like san antonio, texas and carlsbad cavern, new mexico the best. bagussss banget. galveston, texas was a bit depressing krn mendung dan hujan terus. but the historical houses were so cute to look at. reminded me a bit of england. 😛 new orleans, texas was just too loud and too crowded for me. i wouldn’t wanna go back, although the food was yummy. love southern food.

right now i’m still so tired from all the moving and going, i just wanna sleep or munch. my butt’s expanding at a very alarming rate right now. sialnya hubby lagi night shift… so not helping. hrgh. ok this will definitely be my last nastar…. after this i’m brushing my teeth and go to bed! really! last one!


ok another last one……..


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