tsk. got so many things to write but somehow am too lazy to write. :p
anyhow… here’s a few updates.

1. i’m getting married. woohoo! finally. there wont be a big party though, cos i hate big-and-overly-charged wedding receptions. besides, i’m getting married in the U.S so there’ll only be a small party there. wish me luck guys.

2. i’m moving out from jakarta (again, woohoo! finally!) and move to arizona to my future husband’s house. it’s a small town but i think i’ll like it. there’s zero (nada, nol, none, null) mall in town but at least they got walmart. :p

3. and for those two reasons, i have soooo many things to do within a month (yes, i’ll be leaving on mid nov guys). find/buy/make white dress for church wedding, resign from job, disconnect phone services, buy plane tickets, make arrangements for family to fly there, work (yes, until i resign i still have to work, and work’s pretty hectic right now), and so many other things i can’t remember. hmph. i don’t know how other people do it. right now all i wanna do is clone myself so i can do multiple jobs and the same time.

4. hmm.. apa lagi yah updatenya? oh ternyata gak ada deng.. baru itu aja. 😛


3 thoughts on “woohoo!

  1. ahaha.. thank you thank you guys.. 😛 pasti tulis blog lah dari sana. kan banyak cerita pastinya. 😛 masalah greencard, err.. mestinya sih dapet greencard ya? i dunno. 😛

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