shocking news for the week

omg omg omg omg.
someone i know just got kawin lari.

i know i should’ve symphatize with the family, but i also can’t help feeling glee. old time resentment, perhaps. oh well, i’m just glad i’m in a much better relationship now.

anyway, back to the juicy news. apparently not only she (the wife) managed to ‘steal’ the son, but also managed to conceal the fact that she already has a 4y.o child from previous marriage. wow.

i have quite a big surprise myself, due in a month or so. but i don’t know if i can top that news though. 😀 😀

on a lighter note, jogja was great.
really wished i had more time to visit beringharjo and shop. i only have time to buy one batik (nyesel banget gak beli yg satunya! huh!) but i managed to buy the bakpias (ran out of 75 so i bought 25 instead) and gudeg (yu djum’s is still the best, i think). oh well i will be coming back soon so i’ll make sure i stopped by at beringharjo, for the delicious street food if not for the clothes. :p (i was some street vendor jualan sate sapi di depan beringharjo. mulai dari daging sampai gajih.. ada semua. orghhhh…. sayang gak sempet beli yg banyak. hrmph). i did buy tas laptop motif batik and a cute jogja tshirt though.

btw, you know how you always remember one particular moment, the day you heard a bad news? i remember the exact moment the day i heard about princess diana’s death. i was crossing the street, on my way to a friend’s apartment in melbourne. i don’t think i’ll forget the moment i heard about jakarta’s latest bombing. i’d just finished having breakfast and my colleague got a call asking about the bombing. it was 5min past 8, and i called my dad at home, told him to turn on the tv and watch the news. a few minutes later he told me ritz carlton and marriot was bombed. dang. damn you bombers! i hope you rot in hell.

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