while freezing in the office…

aha. got my permission to take leave again this end of august. of course i have a good reason for it, boss can’t possibly say no. 🙂

i’m still trying to figure out how to fit the whole trip (bali – lombok – komodo island – jogja) within less than 2 weeks, with so much to do. i think i might arrange the whole trip using travel agent. i don’t want to bother with looking for daily tours when i get there like i did in cairns. i wasted a whole day just wandering around doing nothing but looking at the so many tours and trying to decide which to do.

in the meantime i have a job assignment to go to jogja. that ought to be good. we’re covering a beauty pageant contest and i’ll be there for 4 to 5 nights. yay. except for the fact that i haven’t got a mobile yahoo messenger with me. tsk. how am i going to go for 5 days without it, i don’t know. i suppose i’ll have to go to the SE center and ask them to fix my phone gprs again. someone should’ve open a BB rental…!!

orgh it’s cold and am craving for pringles. 😦


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