a detour


my life took a sudden detour yesterday. a lot happened on one day, and most was sorta ‘predicted’ by a friend. at that time (when she said those things), i just laughed it off and joked about it. but now, i kinda wish she’d kept her mouth shut. lol. but something must’ve happened for a reason, so i’ll just have to take a deep breath, and get ready for the ride. wish me luck. it’s going to be bumpy. i’m also going to keep a separate journal on one of the detour. let’s see what i can make out of it. :p

anyways, no, i didn’t take the job offer. it wasn’t such a good offer anyway and i was glad i turned it down.

and no, ice age in 3D still isn’t as good as the first two movies. sure, it was funny bordering on hillarious at some part. but after a while you get bored of the storyline, and you can’t really remember the 3D halfway through. so i ended up feeling stupid wearing a pair of glasses for a movie that doesn’t feel like 3D.

oh, and because of the detour, i’m gonna have to cancel my half-planned trip this oct/nov. booo! 😦

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